Thursday, 29 October 2015

Jeans refashion

I have these old jeans that I hate - fit good at the top, but are way too wide on the bottoms and are generally weird.
See - blech!

I put 'em on inside out and pinned.
Sew, sew, sew. Cut, cut. Iron, iron. Now I like them. They're not skinny jeans, but they're straight down now. Mom jeans! (who cares, I like them).

My daughter photobombs with her jammie leg

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Le Housecoat

One day my daughter and I were in a smaller mall - the kind that's not too trendy - mostly populated with some doctor/dentist offices, drug store, groceries, nick-knacks, As Seen On TV shop, etc. Many of the patrons are the elderly, who will pass an hour or more in the diner-style restaurant or the limited food court (nothing wrong with that, by the way). There was a salon in the mall. It looked a little dated, faded, and in need of a few clients. The name of this particular parlour was 'Le Beauty Salon'. Valerie and I were laughing at how the "Le" in front of two English words is there to add the touch of class, mystique, and European glamour. So today we have Le housecoat, made by moi.

Well, here is a pattern I got online of a women's housecoat from 1970
 I wanted to make view 1.
I cut up some pieces out of curtains we had for windows and a closet at our old house. Then I added the bottoms of some Ikea curtains we bought for glass doors we have on our bedroom and bathroom (bathroom - can you believe there was a glass door on the bathroom??!) The curtains were too long, so they got shortened and I finally found a use for those curtain bottoms - see further below.

Partway done. I used the red for the bottom pieces, the side pockets and the inside of the stand-up collar.

Now it's done. Here is me wearing the housecoat. I really, really, really, really, really, really love it!!!

Back view: I'm standing in front of the original too-long Ikea curtain

I tried to take a selfie - hard to do with my ipad. Too hard - I get my husband or other family members to take the shots.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Two more dishcloths

I liked this crème brûlée with ivory color combination so much, I had to make two of these cloths!
I have more to show next time, but it will be sewing.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Tank top attempt

Here's a top from a lovely pattern I found on the blog, Casa Crafty. It is called the Cine Tank and it's a free pattern. I looked at the versions by the blog author (Kelley, I believe is her name), and I thought it was really pretty. Here is the tutorial.  Anyway, since the top is so far offered only in the small size, I thought I'd try it out using some scraps for the front and an old ugly curtain for the back. Ha ha. The top worked out and will be much better once I use real fabric. Here it is:

And the back view (it's a curtain I took down - some sort of thin weave)

I followed the pattern layout and cut and taped the pattern together.

The piece of scrap I had wasn't big enough to accomodate even just the front of the tank top, so I did some fancy patchwork as shown here. I think it worked out.

Had to do a little more piecing to get a complete front ready for sewing, as you can see below. One shoulder strap still needing a patch-up here. On the left is the curtain I cut the back out of.
Not bad considering I sewed a lycra front to a woven back. I like this pattern very much, and will make another proper one now that I know the pattern will fit me. Thank you very much to Casa Crafty!! Very generous of you to share your lovely pattern!

One more shot:

Update: I gave it to my daughter. It looks better on her. She takes what she likes of mine. For example, here she is wearing my pointe shoes.
Well, she was just approved yesterday by one of her ballet teachers to get her very own pointe shoes. We're getting them in two days. She's excited!
Back view:

Thursday, 22 October 2015

A New Blog

I love to sew, knit, garden, bake, play my guitar, and dance ballet. This blog will be mostly sewing, I think, but there will be other stuff too. Here's a start:
Here are some dishcloths I have made from a free pattern called Ballband Dishcloth. I have made dozens of these over the years. I give them as gifts and use them exclusively. I don't like any other kind of dishcloth anymore!
 Here are some all stacked up. I think there are 46 of them, never used.
And here's an old one, currently all soggy and in use. It is about 4 years old, and it is still intact and very much usable after many, many times through the laundry. These cloths are simply the best!