Saturday, 14 November 2015

A fine Burda Style hack

Well, it's not really a hack; I merely lengthened a fitted crop top from this pattern, Burda Style 6819, view A.

My mother-in-law gave me some corduroy scraps in two different colors, tan and beige. I wasn't sure if there was enough of it to make anything besides a tote bag, but I have this pattern I bought a month or so ago and thought I'd give it a try.

Lengthened with a printout of a recipe that was not delicious.
Princess seams, side zipper, and creative piecing - the resulting top turned out to be nice. I really like it. Below is a picture of how I had to patch scraps of this corduroy together just to get a big enough piece to cut out this front side.

So I made this little fabric flower out of the scraps to cover it up.
Burda Style 6819

So how do you like it worn?

 The back is beige corduroy.

I like wearing the top with this sweater.

I'm off to a meeting in a partially home made outfit :)

I attempted a selfie.
Ewww....who splattered the mirror?
For my next post, I will feature a free-style sewn skirt I made using a tiny bit more of this corduroy and some lycra fabric I've had sitting in a pile for years. It's a very artsy skirt - has a tiny pocket for lip balm. Stay tuned!


  1. Ok you're mastering making the left over fabric work in your favor. Not sure if I would have considered corduroy for this top but it works! -Michelle

    1. Yeah, it was kind of a practice, challenge-y project. The corduroy is kind of a wide wale too. I asked my mil, and she thinks she made pants out of it around 30 years ago. Thanks for the feedback! I love your blog. I subscribed.