Sunday, 29 November 2015

Everybody should have a hoodie dress!

See, I know this cuz now I have one. I love it! I made this dress using a combination of the Lisse Hoodie pattern from my last post and the Skippy Dress from the pattern company, Make It Perfect. The Skippy dress is really nice. I made mine in some old brown velour fabric I'd had for about 16 years. It made a huge mess when I was cutting into it, and I did not like the way it smelled when I was ironing the seams, ha ha. I was trying out a mash-up of sorts. This is supposed to be a winter dress, so I wanted a crossover hood instead of a scoop neckline. Also, I decided I wanted my sleeves to be flat and not puffy at the shoulders due to it being a winter hoodie dress and not a light breezy summer dress. So how did it turn out?

Well it looks good (I think) and feels oh-so comfy! I'm happy with how the sleeves and hood from the Lisse pattern fit onto the rest of the Skippy pattern pieces. What might I do differently if I sewed it again? I would make the front bodice a little less scoopy so I would not have to stretch the hood piece so much to make it fit. Also, I may cut the skirt a little straighter next time. It is in a trapezoid shape and maybe a little less flare would be better. However, those are minor quibbles. I like this dress.

I finished this on Thursday night and wore it all weekend long to different events. I will wear it again right away to the Grey Cup get together my family is having.
Here the hood is up and you can see the dropped waistband. I like how it sits low and the waistband gives the illusion of a two piece outfit. I also love the front kangaroo pocket, which is hard to see in these pictures.
 And here's the back
Bye for now!


  1. Cathy. Sally, Holly and I were looking through your creations and are amazed by your talent! You are an inspiration to Holly who has begun to take up sewing at home. We can't wait to see you guys.

    1. Yay for Holly!! I put away my sewing machine for about 17 years, so now I am making up for lost time. However, right now I'm busy fighting Bill 6 - ha ha. Thanks for that nice comment, Hangblague (Alan)!!!!!!