Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Girl Charlee KnitFix and casserole carrier

I finished the Star Trek casserole carrier I am making for some good friends. It turned out so great! I used this tutorial from youTube. I've made a few of these before. The part that is the most time-consuming is the quilting. I do enjoy making them, though, so I'll continue.

Reversible - this item has two layers of Radiantex quilted inside to keep the heat in and the cold out. Also, you can carry that hot dish in your lap!

Here's the entire gift set, with the two pot holders:

Here's another hot pot mat.
Towel back:
chopping up a red towel this time
I ordered a product called KnitFix from the Girl Charlee website. I got the October KnitFix, which I ordered close to the last day it was available. You get 2 yards each of 6 different knit fabrics.
So excited! Here's the description card:
Here are the fabrics.
Stay tuned for what I made with this...


  1. You know what I keep seeing these knit fixes, I'm going to have to check this out for myself. Your gift for your friend is super cool!

    1. Aw. thank you, Michelle! Glad you like my friend's gift. And I think the reason the KnitFix bundles are so popular is they are a good deal, but mostly people like to be surprised - lol.