Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Kwik Sew 3854 - Upholstery shorts

I bought some $10 folding chairs a few years back at Walmart. They were the basic style with black vinyl (rippy) upholstery on the seats and backs. Wanting a bit more flair for these chairs, I went to my local fabric store and bought a few pieces of upholstery material at deep, deep discount prices. On a side note, why are there always rows and rows of discounted upholstery fabric for sale at Fabricland? Don't they have an idea of what might be just the right amount of the stuff as opposed to always bringing in waaaaaay too much? But I'm not complaining. I like the discounted cost - just wondering.
Here's one of the chairs I covered. It currently resides at the piano, and it has gotten somewhat dirty over the 2.5 years or so.
I had some of this fabric left over so I decided to try to make shorts out of it. Good idea right? Well, maybe - but this material is so stiff, the shorts can stand up on their own.
Ha ha - guess I don't need that mannequin

Still, they look nice, I think, and they're quite different from shorts you might buy in a store. Part of the reason I sew is to have unusual clothing, although I try not to go too far in the unusual direction.

I used pattern Kwik Sew 3854. It's a nice pattern. I should make the shorts again some day, but in not so heavy a fabric. Well, here are the shorts (just in time for winter!)
Front - too bad fingers are covering up some of the buttons.

Moving - you can walk in these!

And now, in the clearing the closet department, here is a sweet outfit from the olden days. I'm giving away both the pants and the shirt. I still like both of these, but it's time for them to go. I have liberated a hanger and a wee spot in the pants drawer.
Not sure which decade these were bought.

Well, enough blogging. I gotta go do work now.
Goodbye flower pants and beige shirt.


  1. Cute shorts! They might stand up on their own, but they look great on you too :-)

    1. Thank you very much, kushami! Super nice of you to comment on my shorts. :) :)