Friday, 20 November 2015

Lounging leasure clothing (for home only, everybody)

Made this with some more of the KnitFix fabric I got last week. I decided I had to break out the pointe shoes since I do take class, and there is lycra in this knit fabric. Why did I make this outfit? (you may be wondering) Well, I wanted to test the pattern for Peg Legs from the pattern company Patterns for Pirates.

Shoulders down!
The top is called Penelope Peplum from See Kate Sew. I really like it, and would wear the top out of the house (with jeans or something, mind you).

I had enough fabric leftover to make a pair of shorts from the same Peg Leg pattern referenced above. Here's a look at them. I even had more fabric left to make the top band for the shorts, but, wanting a contrast this time, I went with some black spandex I have in my stash of sewing fabric

You really can't see the shorts much in any of these pictures, but here goes:
Couru-ing en tournant
 Just coming down here.

So, what do you think? Again, there were two yards of this knit fabric and I made a top and some shorts and some leggings from it. Today I actually wore the leggings under these pants in this outfit below. It was colder than normal outside, so I had a chance to try them out and stay warmer.

 And from the back.
Goodbye, pants
I like these pants ok, but not enough to keep them, so I will give them away and make room in my drawer for stuff I make. I am going to start a series of pictures of clothes I am getting rid of, with one last photograph and then goodbye. So it will be a long process. I will use the tag, culling the closet for this type of post.

Lost my balance - ha ha ha

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