Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Pot Holders

I decided I needed to learn how to make these. They can't be too hard, right? I saw lots of tutorials online, but when I saw this one for towel-bottomed potholders, I went to a drawer and pulled out a lime green towel and got started.
Starting with this top one, which is kind of a fail (but I still like it). I edged it with green t-shirt material, and didn't match the thread and it looks very messy.
The yellow underneath is the binding on a different pot holder (see below)
 I like this flower print one much better!
Here's the back:

I made two more for some friends of mine who are Star Trek fans:
The back of them

Cute, hey? I'm going to make some more of these for ourselves and for gifts. They don't take too long to put together, and they do use up scraps of cloth a person has lying around.

Finally, I took a picture of the potholder the flower one was to replace:
It was a sweet pot holder. I liked it. My mother-in-law made it. It could be older than I am, but its time had come. Anyway, I saved the insides for the interior of one of my new ones.

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