Sunday, 8 November 2015

Thulium and Thallium

I made a shirt for Mark, (MCall's 6222) using periodic table fabric I ordered online 

You see Mark learned all the lyrics for the Element Song by Tom Lehrer. Here he is, wearing the shirt, half-heartedly singing the second half of the song (took a while to get the vid started, and he was halfway through the song by then.) The enunciation of the elements is bad, but then look at his posture...

Lounging on the stairs is something you can do when get that satisfied feeling from owning a new shirt, new pants, new socks and a new pair of dress boots (boots not shown).

Turn that frown upside down, young man!
Grumpy time of day.
Here is how Mark looked earlier in the day.
Monkey say, "does this shirt make my head look small?"
Close-up of some of the cool elements
Gotta wear this to my chemistry class!

So I made a boy's size medium, which turns out to be somewhat small on him. I think I'm going to buy some more of this fabric and make another one for him in size large. This one has lots of mistakes anyway, although you can't see them :)  Mark was so happy and wore it all day. He was not too keen to have pictures taken, though.

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