Thursday, 26 November 2015

Valerie's Lisse hoodie

I made a hoodie for my daughter out of the same ponte knit I used for my skirt two posts ago. This hoodie is so cute! I used this pattern. Again, using the theme of how much you can make from two yards of fabric, I'm quite astonished at being able to make an almost-to-the-knee adult skirt, plus a teen sized hoodie from the November KnitFix package I got. It's fun to see what I can do with this fabric.

Here's the hoodie on the floor. It looked limp on a hanger, and I don't own a dress form, so it's on the floor for the picture.

Here are some photos of my daughter in her new hoodie. I finished it on Tuesday night and she wore it to school the next day. She said she got lots of compliments on the hoodie, which is really nice for her.
Back view
The glam:

View from the side - she doesn't like posing for too many pictures, so I try to keep it quick by taking only a few shots.

She's in dance. As such, she and her friends are always doing stretchy stuff like this:
Background wall is getting painted soon. Just prepping it!
Fun action shot:
This hoodie makes me want to move!

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