Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Sharing a recipe and finished Vogue 8691

Update - I wear this top quite a bit and have had a few compliments. Glad I made it. Will get a shot of me in it sometime and post.

I did finish sewing that top from the last post and it's nice and I wear it a lot. Happy to have it, happy I made it. I'll make another one in plain black soon. I will post pics of me wearing the plaid one too, but for now...
This is Vogue 8691 View B
I ran out of the plaid fabric, so I used some red spandex on the underside of two of the flares. It's a nice top. It zips up.

I'm trying to eat more healthy filling food - too many chocolates and ridiculous amounts of sugar in our house right now. It's a conspiracy to make me fat! Here's what I made: cheeseburger muffins. Also, and unrelated, I used bitly for the first time today.
First scoop blobs of dough into tins.
Then try to somehow spread them out and up the sides.
Finally, scoop in cooked meat, bake, then add sauces, cheese, rebake for 5 minutes. Tada!
Enjoy your day!

Saturday, 12 November 2016


I want to start posting stuff on my blog again. I like documenting stuff I do. Why not?

Here's a pattern I want to try. I have some plaid t-shirt fabric, so here we go:

Vogue 8691

 This is a mess. But give me time - I will produce!

All for now. More to come.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Back to it!

Here's a good way to start things. This is my wastebasket. It's very large and I've not emptied it (I don't think) since I began sewing again this past summer. I really really jammed the fabric down, and in the end I had a meniscus of fabric at the top. Must be due to static bonding or something.
I think it's full.

So I dumped it out, and appreciated its impact as art. Also this brought back memories of all the projects I've undertaken during the time.
Impactful Beauty. Not for sale.
Now I'm ready to start over:
Let's rock!

So today I finished up a little jammies project for a friend of mine who recently had a baby boy. I made this pattern (Kwik Sew 3960) in a soft, soft, soft red fleece (it's super-soft!!!), and a matching hat from this pattern.
 I will learn to rotate pics in 2016.
It turned out so cozy, comfy, sweety! Valerie says she hopes I will make a "life-size" one for her! We'll see.
Sleeper plus hat.
Mark puts rabbit in hat.
Hat is on backwards, but no matter.
Monkey wears hat.
In other creative news, my daughter made this cake today. Isn't it lovely!!
Talented girl. Tastes good too!
Bye for now.

I have a whole back load of various sewing projects I did around Christmas. I hope to post pictures of them on this blog in the days to come, plus anything new I make. Gotta go and Happy New Year, everyone!