Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Lucy's Chocolate Factory bathrobe and mitts - McCall's 6659

I made a new pair of mittens using the same method I used last Saturday. See here.
Hey, Lucy!
The mitts have a beautiful fluffy pink lining. So soft and cuddly. I only had one mitt made yesterday and wore it this morning driving my daughter to school (très froid). Left hand had new pink mitt and my right hand had a knit mitten. The new pink one was warmer!

Well, that pink fabric was leftover from a bathrobe I made a few months back. It is pattern McCall's 6659. I made style B, the long one. It does not have belt loops so I added some, plus a hanging loop. More importantly, this pattern has a major flaw - has NO pockets! Well, I did add pockets on the front, of course. I like this housecoat. It's warm, comfortable and cute.

 The mitts match the housecoat.
  Comfy times - wearing a Lucy fleece housecoat and listening to a podcast. Relaxing!
Side view
Still wearing the mitts.

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