Saturday, 7 January 2017

Went skating, then made some great mitts - in that order

Today was very cold, but Valerie and Mark and Bruce and I decided to go skating anyway. It was lots of fun. I only fell twice, and only one of the falls was a disaster where I'm hobbling around now, like I broke my knee in half and also bruised it. Skating was really fun. There were these trails you could skate along and then end up at several large skating ponds. Really nice! Must go back.

Here are the kids getting ready:
See those bright blue mitts in the bottom right corner. I knit those a few years ago, but those are not the mitts of today's post.

I did some Christmas sewing and had some fleece leftovers, so I thought I'd check around the net and see if any free mittens patterns were available. They were! I used this pattern and instructions and was very happy with the mitts I made today.

I made lizard (or maybe gecko?) mitts for Mark. Here are his hands wearing them.

They are fully lined with some other fleece I used some time ago.
More fleece inside! Double layer is warmer.
I have to make some of these for myself soon. I love the way they feel and how warm they are. Here are some in progress shots. (Why not?)

Leftover fabric. Neat lizards. Pattern pieces from printout underneath.
Two mitts = one hand. Cuffs sewn together, then ram-jam lining into main mitt.
 That was today's sewing. Stay tuned for more.

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