Thursday, 16 November 2017

I begin again

I have not blogged for a long time, and I am not going to say why but I want to start this thing up again and document what I make and some of the stuff I do. I find it interesting and hope somebody else does too.

This is McCall's 7093. A cute knit top with pockets. I'm making a mash-up of view B and C, so the pockets like view B, with the long sleeves of view C.

The fabric is fleece, albeit a thinner sort of fleece but still fleece. It's winter and I need warm tops. I will post finished garment in my next post.

Something else I have made recently: a wrap-ghan! It started out as a hoodie: (the hoodie part is on the right side. It got unraveled. The wrap-ghan beginning is at the top of the picture.

Here is the completed project
I made it 7 inches longer than the pattern called for and it's heavy and thick. You warm up instantly!

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