Thursday, 11 January 2018

Day 4 - The Art of Scraps

So I took a picture of the scraps which over the past months have slowly filled up my large waste basket at the side of my sewing machine. The photo is the art, cuz I sure am not keeping this stuff. I thought of using it for stuffing of some sort, but most people think it would be too heavy and lumpy. Also, there are needles interspersed throughout. There are lots of memories in this scrap pile. 

Another angle

In health news, I'm posting a picture of one of my favorite indulgences, kombucha. It is supposed to be excellent for your gut health (digestion and absorption of minerals) - whether or not it's true, maybe, but I really really love it!

This one is almost finished as you can see.
I went to an extra ballet class tonight because I had a free evening. Made me feel good.

Bible Reading:
Song of Solomon, chapter 1, 2
Excerpt: Song of Sol. chap 1 vs 1 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! for your love is better than wine; (wife speaking of her husband - very romantic)

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